A good chair is not enough
It's how you use it!


Who Are We

The human body was created to be dynamic and mobile. We were born to move. The problem is that today, we sit for longer periods of time … Each day, everywhere and for a large portion of our waking hours! Professionals call it "Sedentary lifestyle". 

Research links sedentary behavior to several health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, back pain & muscle degeneration, dementia, depression and even some types of cancer.

Sitting all day is also associated with all-cause mortality. That is why the experts say "sitting is killing us". 

The solution:


To avoid sitting all day long, we need something to help us become more dynamic, mobile and active while sitting. That's why we've created SeatBack. 

Our revolutionary device helps you sit in an ergonomic, dynamic way. SeatBack helps you correct your posture while sitting in your regular office chair.


It notifies you when you sit for too long or if you have poor posture habits.


Most importantly, it tells you when to get up, move, change positions and get active. 


SeatBack is simple to use, just sit (and get up), the chair does the rest.

A set of sensors, embedded in the chair, send real-time feedback regarding your posture to your phone/computer. If you slouch, bend your back or sit asymmetrically, a gentle vibration will remind you to get up from your chair or change your sitting posture.  


SeatBack allows you to be more dynamic while you sit, and puts you in control. You decide the how and amount of feedback you require which leads to better posture and a healthier you.



Product Overview

Real-Time Feedback


Interactive System

The Product

Sensor Pad


Your Chair

Fits Any Seat

Use In Two Different Ways

Mobile Application for user


for business

Values We Provide

Maximize Productivity

Reduce Pain

Reduce Sick Leaves

Reduce The Need For Medical Treatment

Encourage Users To Be More Dynamic

Promote Physical Awareness



Our combined talent in the fields of Physical Therapy, Engineering
and design make us the best team to develop and support public
health through SeatBack.

Or Lustig

Or Lustig

CEO & Co-Founder

Nitzan Weinstein

Nitzan Weinstein


Chaim Ochayun

Chaim Ochayun

Business development


Inbar Gilboa

Medical team leader

Prof. Yair Lifshitz

Prof. Yair Lifshitz

Ergonomic specialist

Sigal Lustig

Sigal Lustig

CTO & Co-Founder


 Eilam "Billy" Ben Aharon

R&D engineer

Alon Keren

Alon Keren

R&D engineer


Yuval Lior



Contact Information

Located in the sunny heart of Israel, SeatBack was founded
to change the way you maintain your health. Interested in
hearing more? Feel free to contact us!

SeatBack | Ha-Namal St 28, Haifa, Israel

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