Facts about exercise and sitting behavior

We hear all the time that "sitting is killing us" and "sitting is the new smoking". We know that sitting for too long is not healthy and can increase risk factors for several health issues. But wait – "I exercise twice a week at the gym", or "I run 3 times a week"…. Will that help me fight the sitting disease?

It sure will help! But it's not enough.

Experts tells us that even if you are hitting all your physical activity goals, but remain seated 8 or more hours a day, you can’t undo the negative effects of too much sitting. Accordingly, we must create ways for all of us to continually move more throughout the day.

Moving in the office can be accomplished in a few ways:

  • Coordinate "walking meetings" where we – walk & talk. It will increase blood flow and the body's metabolism and can help creativity.

  • Every time the phone rings, whether it's your spouse or your boss, stand up!

  • Once every hour get up for a quick walk in the office, or even better – go down or up one floor and come back.

  • Drink from small glasses, so you'll have to refill frequently.

  • Use the toilets that are further away from your office.

  • Replace e-mail with face-to-face meetings with your colleagues.

  • Send your prints to a distant printer, or even on an upper floor.

  • Download a reminder tool to your cellphone or computer, it will help get up and move.

  • Use a stretching guide to relive tension and give you a boost of energy.

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