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New Times and New Resolutions

As the seasons changes, the kids are back in school, we go back to our routines. It's time for some new ideas that can make life and work easier, healthier and actually fun.

1. Do what you like. Research shows that people who do not feel satisfied in their jobs are likelier to suffer from back pain. Isn't it a shame? Choose a job where you are appreciated and empowered.

2. Start the day with a smile. Smiling, even when feeling down, activates hormones that make you feel better, and people smile back, which is always nice.

3. Arrange your work area ergonomically. This reduces stress and risk for any kind of musculoskeletal discomfort.

4. Balance work, family and leisure time. Happiness and a full life are beneficial and more productive than staying late at the office. So take the afternoon to play with the kids at the park, or join the local salsa class, whatever makes you happy.

5. Sit less and move more. Sitting for most of our day, and over 4 hours a day, is a major risk factor for several diseases, whereas moving keeps the body alive and healthy. Keep active, get up every 30 minutes to stretch, walk and maintain physical activity; this is the best medicine you can take this year.