SeatBack @ISRA 2018 conference, Eilat, Israel.

The Israel Radiological Association annual meeting occurred in Eilat from 31.10.18 – 02.11.18.

The main topic of the meeting dealt with the progression and innovation of radiological interpretation and research. Clinical research, performed at Rambam Medical Center, was chosen to be presented. The research, Evaluation of radiologist workplace sitting behavior, examined the radiological doctors work environment, working and sitting habits, and was executed using SeatBack smart chairs system.

The research examined radiological department doctors working and sitting habits, and showed the improvement of their seating posture, after applying SeatBack chairs feedback. The results showed a significant 28% reduction of the radiologist “bad” sitting posture time after using the biofeedback system.

The research and the presentation, delivered by Dr. Faten Haj Ali, won many plaudits, and the presentation was also praised in the meeting summary.

The SeatBack system received many acclamations, such as a statement made by a deputy director of one the biggest hospitals in Israel, saying that SeatBack system should by defined as mandatory in every hospital In Israel.

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