Working from home

Updated: Mar 25

Whether it’s for a good reason, or just a habit… sometimes we need to work from home. Not all of us have a “proper” working area. We might use the kitchen table, coffee corner, the bed or the sofa. Some of us will be “creative” and might use the kitchen counter for standing, or stretch our back at “cobra” position on the carpet. These are good examples of diverse working postures, but most of the time, we sit in front of the computer without much movement.

So if you are sitting at home, bending over the laptop at an awkward position…. It’s time to implement some new habits that will help engage an ergonomic posture and more comfortable working position.

Use a pillow to raise sitting height, till the elbows are at the desk’s height. This limits the pressure point caused by the desk.

Use an external keyboard and mouse (so you can use the laptop as the screen only).

Use a box or pile of books to raise laptop to eye level. If you have a bigger screen, use it, but make sure it’s not higher than your forehead (to avoid raising the neck).

If your feet don’t touch the floor, place a small stool or a box underneath them.

Change posture as often as you can, stand while talking on the phone, and avoid sitting for more than 50 minutes consecutively.

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